Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Owl Ride

16 Miles? Seems easy right? No worries or hurries, ride the streets in the dark and enjoy the pleasant company of other bikers on the bike route.

Not hardly. The whole thing, completely backwards thinking on my part.

Let me start at the beginning; I haven't ridden a bike in 10 years, So it was really arrogant of me to think that I could conquer the concrete jungle streets of Omaha, only having driven on them the last 6 years. My legs became bowls of vegan jello on the first hill; twitching but having no control of the muscle to move to my will. There was also the problem of no worries...what the hell?!? No worries like traffic, heat exhaustion (it was 100 degrees), 2400 other bike riders (all who seemed far more experienced than me) and add to the equation it was all at night. And the other bikers, they don't look intimidating, but they are a cut-throat group and will run you down if you are in their path.

However, there were many wonderful surprises on this journey through our great city.

First off, the organization of the bike ride was fantastic. At the "Owl Perches" (rest stops) the volunteers had pools of iced bottled water, cookies and granola bars to grab and go; also tools to fix your bike if you needed a quick repair.  At every intersection, police officers were there to stop traffic and there were a ton of supporters cheering us on to the finish line. Also, MOST bikers were very encouraging as well to all the NOOBs who joined in the night time ride , as everyone was just looking to have a little fun. We did, I hope to see more people out next year for this event.
TOP 5 Worst Things
5) I borrowed a bike from a dear friend who is taller than me...uncomfortable all eight miles I rode.
4) Obnoxious, impatient riders
3) Potholes and cars parked on the side of the street. Both suck the same.
2) Chaffing... ya.

TOP 5 Best Things
5) Volunteers
4) Glow sticks and colored lights in abundance
3) Using the short cut path on Leavenworth (became an 8 mile ride) which was manageable to complete
2) I got a T-Shirt that says I accomplished something this Summer! (who doesn't love t-shirts)
1) The city at night is beautiful, and 2400 bikes with lights trailing through ConAgra, Downtown, up and down Farnam and Leavenworth...the memory gives me such warm fuzzies that are only comparable to Christmas morning.

Til next week, RWBB 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Everyone should have a Kayak

Weeks have passed...from bronchitis to drinking 3 days straight on a lake in Minnesota it is great to find a moment to write.

At our cabin we stayed at had two really great kayaks...at least the smaller green one was awesome; the larger orange kayak was cumbersome, uncomfortable, and a literal pain in the ass. Almost every person who got in this thing was flipped out and dunked into fish-piss-lake-water. For whatever reason I thought I was different and could handle it on choppy waters.

I did a great job, made it to the middle of the lake, was so proud and being smug about it; then I turned to check on my friend Julie who was 10 yards behind me and FLIP!! I was upside down in water, my floppy hat floating on the surface.

There is no feasible way to get in a kayak that is filled with water in the middle of a lake that you can't stand in. So I swam...the whole way back. Julie laughing and encouraging me the whole way as the life jacket made it very difficult to swim.

Great way to work out...trying not to drown ^_^

Remember: it is best not to brag or be boastful unless by a turn of hilarious events you get a funny story to tell.

Another post very soon


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On hiatus right now recovering from severe bronchitis...SUCH JOY!

I encourage everyone this Friday to enjoy International Mud day, get outside and GET DIRTY  ^_^

I will be back next week, hopefully breathing better and bouncing with the beat in full stride.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"You are not your f**king khakis" --- (Tyler D. Fight Club)

I was shopping for a swimsuit last week at Target, (so much fun right?! I can't think of any woman who is ever giddy with excitement to go try on different styles that mash together body parts or let them hangout freely) and the dressing rooms that day seemed to have the most self-conscious women trying on the articles of polyester/spandex blend which run 2 sizes too small. I had a blast. Found what I wanted that fit awesome, looked cute and was on sale! However...

One mother in the room across from mine, seemed to not realize the simple fact of "DON'T go by size DO go by fit".

She was in tears, that a size didn't quite fit like she had hoped, that she was convinced would fit. She continued to be loud, angry, upset with the world...IN FRONT OF HER (at least) 5 year old daughter.

Now. Here is my problem.

If you have body issues, DON'T express those issues in front of your children. PLEASE.
 This child didn't hear 1 positive comment the entire time her mother was in the fitting room (granted that's a place that is hard on every woman), but the negativity WILL CARRY ON with that girl. Anorexia. Bulimia. Low self-esteem. All scary realities for young girls.

 Mothers you are better than the size you wear. You are not a swimsuit or a pair of jeans. You created life. That goes above and beyond ANY "off" days you might be having in the dressing room. So act like the beautiful creation that you are supposed to be and show yourself some love!  

By the way...

I ran today for a whole 3 minutes. 3 minutes can (someday) turn into 1 mile ^_^

until next post... BB4LIFE!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pinched Nerves X 2 = Ouch

Last Thursday night I woke up in a terrible pain from the shoulder blade, down to my fingertips. I couldn't sleep, sit or drive comfortably, and this crap went on for 4 days, with my optimistic hopes of "Well, tomorrow it will get better". Guess what, it DIDN'T!! All the aspirin, ice, massages, tears, and alcohol couldn't alleviate any pain. Finally after losing feeling in my fingers I went to the doctor. 

The first visit was useless thanks to a near useless Doctor. However on my second visit...Dr. Beer (NOT KIDDING, that was his name ^_^), did ROM and sensory tests, concluded that it was 2 pinched nerves in my neck that was causing the pain; and he put me on completely different medications than the first. Right now on day 2 of these meds, I am feeling fan-freaking-tastic.

What does this have to do with Running with Big Boobs?

I should have listened to my body.

I didn't, and it cost 4 days of no sleep and constant pain.

Our bodies tell us exactly what we need (almost) all the time. Rest, food, water (or libations), if we need to get up and move or collapse on the couch in complete exhaustion, it should be considered a message for us...we just have to take a moment to listen.

What is your body telling you today?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Opening Ceremonies...

Okay. Lets get this thing started...

I am 28 years old, recently married, bought a house, go to school, work full time and love this amazing crazy thing that is called "life".

I am 200+ pounds, not very tall, and love every single curve on my body. I am serious, from my "thunder thighs" to my 42DD (not kidding, at all), I have learned over the years not to curse the curves. Embrace them, cherish them, and feel good. NOT AN EASY THING TO DO, I'll admit.

 It is so much harder to do, but what makes it so much fun is how loving your body pisses a lot of people off. My favorite statements include, "Yes, I am eating this piece of cake without counting calories" or  "No, I don't believe in dieting cause it is all a load of crap" and the list will go on but I digress.

My point is people don't understand that you can be a size 18/20 and be genuinely happy. Being apart of a society that strives for skinny and advertises it as healthy can be confusing.

So I am starting this blog to show that working out for the ENJOYMENT of working out, not counting the calories or stressing out about vanity pounds, is what is important.

I should mention, I used to run Cross Country in high school. 10 years ago. You can imagine that my body has changed a bit since then. I was never a very good runner then, and I sure as hell am not one now. However, recently I have been doing kick-boxing at 6 am (and there will be more on this later), and I realized how much a missed sucking at running...why not also add that in the mix as well.

I have no goals other than not passing out or throwing up after a run. This is NOT a weight-loss story, and I certainly am not being paid. I will tell everything from supportive bras for a us well-endowed women, to shoes, to eateries and recipes.
I am a big boobed woman who is trying to run...let the journey begin!